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Patagonia World Trout® Initiative.

Patagonia - Outdoor Clothing, Apparel and gear for climbing, hiking, running, travel
Patagonia - World trout Initiative Trout around the world are at the mercy of human impact. Overfishing and destruction of habitat due to logging, war and global warming are all contributing to threaten trout populations. Humans, though, may also be trout’s saviors. In 1999, on a trip to Yellowstone, James Prosek and Patagonia owner Yvon Chouinard met. Hearing the stories of James’ efforts to catch various trout around the world and the dramatic challenges these fish are facing Yvon was motivated to help. The World Trout Initiative’s mission is simple: To identify the individuals and groups that protect native fish, to tell their story and to support their conservation efforts by placing money into the hands of the actual groups protecting the fish. By telling a compelling story and providing the angler and interested parties with a call to action, we felt we could make something happen. The stunning artwork that James Prosek used to document trout around the globe for his books Trout of North America and Trout of the World offered an ideal opportunity to both raise awareness and funds. Patagonia set to work using this artwork to create t-shirts to raise funds for grassroots groups working to protect trout and their habitat. Five dollars from the sale of each shirt goes to support grassroots activists working to protect trout species. Since its inception in January, 2005 through December 30th, 2008, World Tour has raised over $357,000! World Trout has supported groups like: Penobscot River Restoration Project, Greenback Conservation & Restoration Programs of Colorado Trout Unlimited, Obirame Restoration Group, Yellowstone Park Foundation, Friends of Wild Salmon, Balkan Trout Restoration Group, Trout Unlimited Driftless Area, The Golden Project, Wild Steelhead Coalition and Montana River Action. World Trout supporters have also sought out these grassroots groups to donate funds and volunteer their time directly to the group.

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