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You are here:Home > Info Center > How to... > How To Set Up Your Snugpak Hammock
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How To Hang Your Snugpak Hammock

How To Set Up Your Snugpak Hammock

<h3>How To Hang Your Snugpak Hammock</h3>





Step 1:

Wrap the rope around the tree.












Step 2:

Feed the rope through the loop.











Step 3:

Insert into the hook.










Step 4:

Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the opposite side.









Step 5:

When Setting up your guide lines for the Jungle Hammock and Mosquito Netting upper, keep in mind when attaching the netting upper they should not be placed too far above the attachment point of the actual hammock.




Step 6:

By setting it up this way it should allow the proper separation from the Mosquito Netting upper from the hammocks main body when the user is inside and the hammock main body lowers from the users weight.



Step 7:

Ahhhh, Enjoy.



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