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How To Repair a Tent

How to Repair a Tent

<h3>Tent Hole Repairs</h3>



Step 1:

Seam Grip permanently repairs common pinholes and tears in the tent floor. Apply just enough Seam Grip to cover the hole and spread 1/4 inces (5mm) beyond. Allow to dry level overnight. For 2 hour cure time, mix Seam Grip with Cotol-240 before applying.








Step 2:

The Field Repair Kit includes both adhesive and patches. To use the tent immediately, simply cover the pinhole with a Tenacious Tape peel-and-stick patch.










Step 3:

For larger holes and tears, use a patch as a backing then apply Seam Grip. Remove patch in a few days when the Seam Grip has fully cured.









Quick Fix:

Hold Hot Melt Glue stick 2-4 inches above the repair area. Use a match or lighter to melt the glue stick and cover hole or tear with melted glue.







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