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How to Care for Wool Garments

Care for Your Wool Garments

<h3>Care for Your Wool Garments</h3>



Step 1:

To maintain the itch-free softness of wool garments (such as Merino) clean with ReviveX Wool Cleaner. Wool base layers, underwear and socks should be washed after each use. Wool mid and outer layers should be cleaned when dirty and at least once per season. Most new garments are made to be machine washed. Check garment label. If hand washing is required follow these steps:








Step 2:

Fill sink or tub with enough water to submerge items and add ReviveX Wool Cleaner; soak for 5 minutes. Gently knead items to remove dirt and stains.










Step 3:

Drain sink and carefully squeeze soapy water out. Rinse until water runs clear. Place item on a clean bath towel. Roll up gently to expel water. Repeat with dry towels.









Step 4:

Air dry flat on a fresh towel.






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