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Sheepleg Outdoor Apparel

Belts Dresses & Skirts
Belts made for hiking, camping or just being in style.
For those times when you want to feel a little more like a lady.
Gloves Hats
Gloves to keep your hands protected from the cold or from being torn up.
Keep the sun out of your eyes or your head warm with our hats.
Jackets & Coats Neckwear
Stay nice and toasty with Jackets & Coats from Sheepleg.
I've never understood it, but neckwear seems essential nowadays.
Pants Shirts
Pants for the office, field, or a night out.
Shirts of all kinds for all seasons.
Socks Sunglasses
When you are hiking, taking care of your feet is priority number one.
Save your eyes from straining in the sun all day long.
Swimsuits Underwear
Cover those pasty body parts when you aren't skinny dipping.
Don't go commando.  Cover those important parts up!
When your phone goes dead, your watch will keep on ticking.