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Repair Kit Checklist

General Repairs

Duct Tape: The undisputed champion of fixing things.
550 Cord / Rope: A very close second in the rankings.
Knife / Multitool: Really saves the teeth from too much wear and tear.

Personal Gear Items

Buckles: Look at your pack / vest for specific size buckles you may need to replace.
Straps / Webbing: Same thing here. Make sure to have at least 24" of webbing in the size(s) that are on your gear.
Batteries: May not sould like a "repair" item, but to me "repair" is making something work that currently doesn't.

Sleeping Bag / Tent Repair Items

Seam Grip: This stuff is awesome. It will repair pinholes and tears.
Cotol-240: Don't have a day to wait for Seam Grip to cure? Cotol-240 will speed it up to 2 hours.
Patches: They are small and weigh practically nothing.
Pole Splints: Easy to forget, but hard to fix without them.

Other Repair Items

Needle & Thread: Fix a broken zipper, replace a button, or even stitch up a busted forehead.
Grommets: Fix a broken zipper, replace a button, or even stitch up a busted forehead.
Gear Ties: Secure loads or temporarily tie down items..
Netting: The most sealed up tent can still be miserable if the bug net has any kind of tear in it.

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