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Why buy Relief Foods for your emergency food storage needs?
Relief Foods Banner

The top things that people consider when choosing long term or emergency food storage supplies are usually shelf life and ease of preparation. Plain and simple, Relief Foods products will last for 25 years and all of them with exception of the pancakes require only water to rehydrate and eat. You don't get much better than that.

Don't forget about your overall health.

People generally will put aside the sodium levels on long term foods because we are so used to them having so much sodium in them. With Relief Foods you will have a significantly lower sodium ratio per calorie than other brands. On average they contain 25% - 40% less sodium than the competition. Relief Foods products are certified GMO free. While you are preparing to live longer in an emergency situation, make sure you buy food that will help you live longer in general. Relief Foods has a Gluten Free line for those who need to ensure their dietary needs are met even in an emergency. 

                   Relief Foods Badge              GMO Free Emergency Food             Gluten Free Emergency Meals

How do they have a 25 year shelf life?

They use the latest technology to provide longer and stronger storage with the right conditions that will last up to 25 years that they can certify while other brands just think so. 1- Their Mylar pouches are thicker and stronger than other industry foods use. 2 - They utilize double laser seal to minimize any oxygen entering and decreasing the nutrition and storage ability. 3 - Triple Nitrogen Flushed to remove any oxygen and then have an added Oxygen Absorber in each sealed pack. 4 - All the buckets are FULLY FILLED to capacity and have "sealing technology" to protect the Mylar pouches from being exposed to the elements which can additionally deteriorate the storage ability of the contents.

Did we mention they are made in the USA!
Made in USA