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Camping Gear

Backpacks and Bags Blankets & Pillows
You can never have enough backpacks and bags.  After all, you need somewhere to put all your stuff.
Don't rest your weary head on a rock or try to find the perfect way to smash tomorrows shirt when it is time for bed.  Just use one of our camp pillows.  Camp Blankets are nice to keep you toasty too.
Camp Kitchen Electronics
When you are camping, two things make all the difference.  A full belly and a good night's sleep.  Having the right camp kitchen gives you the tools to filling your belly so you can sleep sound.
Even though you are roughing it, you still have to know where you are and a walkie talkie so your friends can get you back to the campsite when you get lost taking a pee.
First Aid Food
Snake bites, poison ivy, sprained have to be prepared for them all when camping.
Food, the way to a mans heart.  Don't leave home without too much of it.
Furniture Geocaching
Everyone wants to sleep in a hammock.  Here is your chance.
You can never have enough backpacks and bags.  After all, you need somewhere to put all your stuff.
Hydration Hygiene
Hydration is essential for life.  Whether you carry it in your hand, around your waist, or on your back you better have enough water for how long you plan on being out.
Being clean and fresh is something I find necessary if I am going to enjoy any activity.  I am certainly not talking about spa service, but just rinsing off yesterday's funk can mean the difference between wanting to go on and wanting to go home.
Knives & Tools Lighting
Whether you need to repair your pack or open a delicious meal, you need some sort of a knife or tool.  Probably one or two of each.
Your campsite will need all kinds of different lights to be sure you can see all night long.  Better buy one of each.
Navigation Optics
Going old school with a compass or high tech with a GPS?  Either way, one thing is true.  You need to know where you are going or you may never get back.
Are you planning on birdwatching or snooping on your neighbors campground?  Whatever...we don't want to know.
Pets Reading & Writing
You expect the best gear for your hiking trip.  Don't take Fido on the trail without the best for him too.  And you better have good toys to play with.
Books, paper, and pens to learn about and then document your wild travels.
Repair Rope & Hardware
At some point you are going to have to doctor up your favorite pack.  You have had it longer than your girlfriend for goodness sake.
Rope & Hardware to secure loads, build huts, or who knows what else you have seen on crazy survival shows.
Sleeping Bags Storage
The difference between a good camping trip and a miserable camping trip could be as simple as selecting the right sleeping bag.  Sheepleg stocks sleeping bags that will suit any need you may have.
You must protect your camping gear.  Whether it is your $2000 camera for shooting mushrooms or your iPhone, don't let nature steal them.
Survival Tents
Make sure you are prepared in the event you get in a survival situation.  You never know when it will happen to you.
You can sleep under the stars and get the dew on you or sleep in a tent and keep from getting the west nile.
Towels Toys & Games
Dry yourself after a nice cozy shower.
Camping Toys & Games keep the good times rolling all day and night.
Trekking Poles
Take a load off your legs by supporting your weight with a sturdy set of trekking poles.
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Bulk Propane Cylinder Adapter
Our Price: $12.99
Bulk Propane Cylinder Adapter
Wing nut adapter to connect camping appliances to bulk cylinders.
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